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April 2023




Lead Designer/Developer

Project type


Client: Stakemore


Duration: 4 months

Technologies: Custom CSS, JavaScript, HTML , WIX STUDIO

OBJECTIVE: To develop a compelling and informative online presence for Stakemore, a new cryptocurrency token. The project aimed to combine innovative design with advanced custom CSS and JavaScript development to create a website that effectively communicates the value proposition and unique features of the Stakemore token to potential investors and users.


CREATIVE DESIGN: Led the creative direction to ensure the Stakemore website visually represents the innovative spirit of the cryptocurrency. Employed a modern and engaging design aesthetic, incorporating dynamic elements and a cohesive color scheme that aligns with the brand's identity.

CUSTOM DEVELOPMENT: Leveraged custom CSS and JavaScript to build interactive features, such as real-time token price updates, interactive charts, and animations that enhance the user experience and engagement. Ensured the website is responsive and performs seamlessly across various devices and browsers.

CONTENT STRATEGY: Collaborated with the Stakemore team to develop clear and persuasive content that explains the technology behind the token, its use cases, and the benefits of investment. Implemented SEO best practices to improve the site's visibility and attract a targeted audience.

User Experience (UX): Focused on creating an intuitive and accessible website structure, making it easy for visitors to navigate through information about the Stakemore token, the team behind it, and how to participate in the token sale.

Outcome: The Stakemore website successfully serves as the digital cornerstone for the cryptocurrency, offering a rich, informative, and engaging platform for educating and attracting investors. The blend of creative design and custom development has been instrumental in establishing Stakemore's online identity, leading to increased interest and investment in the token. The project received positive feedback for its innovative approach and the clarity it brings to the complex world of cryptocurrency.

Reflection: Working on the Stakemore project was an exhilarating challenge that allowed me to push the limits of web design and development in the context of the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency sector. It underscored the importance of a harmonious blend between creativity and technical skill, enhancing my expertise in delivering projects that require not just functional precision but also a compelling narrative.

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