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Northwest JDM Motors

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April 2023




Lead Designer

Project type


Client: Northwest JDM Motors

Project Status: Under Construction


Objective: To create a dynamic and user-friendly website for Northwest JDM Motors, a specialist in selling engines, transmissions, and aftermarket parts exclusively for Japanese vehicles and tuning enthusiasts.


Design & Development: Crafting a visually appealing and intuitive website that reflects the high-quality and niche focus of Northwest JDM Motors' products.

Product Catalog: Developing a comprehensive and easily navigable product catalog showcasing engines, transmissions, and aftermarket parts with detailed descriptions and specifications.

E-commerce Functionality: Integrating e-commerce capabilities to facilitate online inquiries, quotes, and sales, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for tuning enthusiasts.

SEO Optimization: Implementing SEO strategies to enhance online visibility among the target audience, focusing on keywords related to Japanese vehicle tuning and performance parts.

Contact & Support: Including a contact form and support section for customer inquiries, providing detailed information on shipping, returns, and technical support.

Outcome: The goal is to launch a website that not only serves as a digital storefront for Northwest JDM Motors but also as a hub for Japanese vehicle tuning enthusiasts to find high-quality engines, transmissions, and parts. The website aims to increase brand visibility, customer engagement, and online sales.

Reflection: This project presents an exciting opportunity to delve into the niche market of Japanese vehicle tuning, requiring a tailored approach to design, development, and marketing strategies. It's a chance to showcase web development skills while meeting the unique needs of Northwest JDM Motors and their clientele.

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