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Corpus Petite Italie

Project Type



April 2023


Petite Italie, Montreal,QC


Lead Designer

Project type

Yoga Classes

CLIENT : Studio Corpus Petite Italie

DURATION: 2 months


Objective: To design and develop an engaging, visually appealing website for Studio Corpus Petite Italie, a yoga studio located in the vibrant neighborhood of Petite Italie. The goal was to capture the essence of the studio's calming yet energizing atmosphere and to provide an easy-to-navigate platform for potential and existing clients.


Creative Design: Embraced a creative approach to design a website that reflects the studio's philosophy and ambiance. Focused on a harmonious color scheme, intuitive layout, and immersive visual elements to evoke the serene experience of practicing yoga at the studio.

Dynamic Features: Integrated dynamic features such as class schedules, online registration for sessions, and an interactive gallery showcasing the studio space and yoga sessions.

Content Creation: Crafted compelling, SEO-friendly content that communicates the studio's offerings, instructor profiles, and the benefits of yoga practice.

User Experience: Prioritized a seamless user experience with responsive design, ensuring the website is accessible and engaging across all devices.

Outcome: The project culminated in a distinctive, user-centric website that stands out in the yoga community. The site has successfully attracted more visitors, increased class sign-ups, and enhanced the studio's online presence. The creative freedom allowed for a unique digital expression of Studio Corpus Petite Italie's ethos.

Reflection: This project was a testament to the power of creativity in web design. Allowing my creative side to lead resulted in a website that not only meets the client's needs but also provides a memorable online experience for visitors. It reinforced my skills in UX/UI, content strategy and the value of integrating artistic vision with functional design

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